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Prague Business Toastmasters was founded by a small group of ambitious individuals. They saw the potential in creating a supportive and safe environment for like-minded business professionals, in which they could develop their communication and leadership skills.

Despite challenges, such as learning how to navigate parliamentary procedures, legislative requirements and finding the minimum number of club members required by the Toastmasters Organization, the club was established in 2012, as a thriving business community with these principles and objectives in mind:

  • Fostering personal and professional development.
  • Improving careet growth.
  • Offering personal and professional networking opportunities.
  • Making a positive impact on business community.

The Prague Business Toastmasters club has managed to stay true to their founding values and mission to this day, through the perseverance, commitment and passion of its members. In Prague Business Toastmasters we strongly believe in maintaining our vision of a welcoming, supportive and strong community for business professionals.

Prague Business Toastmasters archive Toastmasters meeting photo
Prague Business Toastmasters archive Toastmasters meeting photo

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